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The rave-centre "Aerodance" was founded on 12th December 1994 in the left wing of the Moscow Air Terminal by "TT Phantom Design"(the founder - Timur Mamedov).
Aerodance included two techno-clubs, an experimental - creative laboratory, 2 bars, a cafe, a sound recording studio, a theatrical studio, an interior tattoo design and unique on that moment a shop of club clothes and accessories "Throne".

The design and the policy of the club were formed by "Aerodance" and a design group "Chill Out Planet" (the second club inside the rave-centre was opened on 6th July 1995 and named "Chill Out Planet"). It was the first underground club in Moscow. Residents of the rave-centre were most professional djs on that time: Gabriel (St.Peterburg)
Zmey (Tallinn)
X.P. Voo Doo (Moscow)
Tonal (Moscow)
Fly (Moscow)

Since an opening, the rave-centre organized 132 party where the best Russian DJs and also more than 30 leading musicians and DJs from different countries of the world (Julian, Chris and Aaron Liberator, Sid Shanty, Andre Serrao, Charlie Hall, Choci Chewns etc.) played accompanied with a stage performance by a dance-theatrical collective "Kvas Theatre". Also there were organized some cultural actions (art galleries, video-installations, shows of an alternative style and underground of hair dresses etc.). The club was closed on 30 march 1996.

For 1,5 year of work, Aerodance had became the most popular and visited place in Moscow in comparison with other dancing clubs for Moscow party people of various ages (from 16 up to 40-year-old).

After the closing of the club "Aerodance Corporation" continues an active work in the area of dance and music culture and is one of the leading promotion labels in Russia. By invitation of Aerodance Russia has been visited by:

DJ Amrit(Australia)
DJ Yaniv (Germany)
DJ Eliad (Israel)
DJ Yonas (Sweden)
DJ Ulf (Sweden)
DJ Pepe (Finland)
DJ Peter (Finland)
DJ Kushi (Ibiza, Israel)
Live: O-men (Finland)
DJ Jordan (Greece)
DJ Miko (Israel)
DJ Uta (Germany)
Live: Sandman(Israel)
DJ Jason de Silva (Holland)
The label organized all most important trance events in Russia such as rave festivals ORBITA-I, II, III, IV(1995, 1996, 1997, 1998); St. Valentine''s Rave(1997); the first and third dancing marathons in the "X-Dance" club. Also Aerodance founded the first international nomination "Scratched Vynil - Fool Contact"(1997) for the worst achievements in the electronic music(e.g. the worst dj, promoter :-)). The label took part in projects: "Ostrov Sokrovisch", "Ostrov Krym"(techno summer), "LESS", "Plazma", organised The Future Art Technologies Festival "The 21st Century" and the hugest European open-air festival in Gorky park (Moscow) named INSTANZIA (35000 ppl - 1997 & 42000 ppl - 1998) together with radio "Station 106.8 fm".

Aerodance organized special trance events in many cities of Russia and Ukraine. There were successful trance actions in clubs in St. Petersburg, N.Novgorod, Kazan, Kiev, Harkov, Volgograd, Gurzuf and Yalta. Aerodance took part in organising Famous KAZANTIP''98 on the beach of the Black sea.

Aerodance even acts abroad! It organized parties in India 97-98-99: Hymalays, Jaipur, Bombay, Puna & many parties in Goa: most famous - 36-hour festival Psychedelics World Wide in March''99 in Ajuna attracted about 1500 Goa freaks and was one of the best party of the season.

Aerodance is an official Earthdance promoter organised Earthdance event in Moscow in 1997-98.

At the moment Aerodance includes djs, promoters, artists, art designers, fashion label, web design studio etc.

Now Aerodance is well-known in Russia and abroad as a most serious East European psychedelic promotional organization with 375 trance parties made by 01.06.1999.

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